Nov 10, 2011

What tangible cost benefits has virtualization really provided for your business?

Implementing virtualization has not gone as I expected. Frankly it has been a serious drain of time and resources as we move forward with it. I hope the virtualized environment that will eventually be fully in place will be well worth the effort. Has virtualization been positive in regards to cost savings for most companies once fully implemented?



Our goal when deploying virtualization was to increase server utilization while saving money.  There have been cost savings, but less than anticipated.  It required a lot of effort to implement, as you are experiencing.  


A recent article in Information Week noted that the foundation to successfully utilizing analytics has 3 components: "instilling a data-oriented culture, hiring or developing managers who are information literate, and maintaining analytics expertise at the staff level."  At this point, I am finding that third piece of the puzzle to be the greatest challenge, the unemployment lines are not exactly filled with folks that truly have expertise in analytics.


Apparently my observation of mixxed results are not alone.  You might find this article of interest:



VMWare has a couple of interesting pages up about the benefits of virtualization. Obviously they are a bit biased since it's their business, but their information is worth checking out if you want to see how virtualization might benefit a business.

The Benefits of Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses

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