Nov 07, 2011

Will we see Siri on our iPads and iPhones other than the 4S?

Do you think Siri is going to spread to other Apple platforms, or am I going to have to get an iPhone 4S to get "her"?

Yep, I think we will see it rolled out onto older Apple devices and products that haven't been released yet. I suspect Apple just wanted to sell as many iPhone 4S phones as possible before rolling it out.

And as another person pointed out, people can always come up with a hack to get it to run.

So we'll see it, but the question is when? And only Apple can answer that one.

Keep in mind Siri is still Beta, we are nowhere near seeing where Apple will ultimately go with it...or "her".


There was an article about this recently on GigaOM.  



It's inevitable that Siri will be implimented widely, in my opinion.  Older iPhones have been hacked and been able to use Siri passably well, so I would expect to see backward compatability pretty soon.  First off, people that don't have Siri, want to have Siri.  That is reason enough to expect to see it across platforms, and it gives Apple something to wow and amaze the masses (including me).  Earlier this week, I sat around with 3 other reasonably tech savvy individuals, one of whom had Siri on his iPhone, and spent at least an hour playing around, asking questions, etc.  That is something I haven't seen since the iPad was released.   

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