Dec 13, 2015

How to recover files from hard drive when PC won't boot up?

My PC with windows 8 pro won't boot, it keeps saying 'automatic repair ' then diagnosing pc then I get blue screen with the 'shut down' and 'advanced' buttons. If I click advanced and try to restore it says no system image found or no restore points

The pc then restarts over and the same result so I got a USB stick which has has windows 8 iso on it and the drive is bootable, the pc starts from USB and then restarts again just as I see the windows logo and tries to repair again but no luck. What can I do to recover my files on that hard drive. I have another hard drive which I can use and try install windows on that. Should I try this? If so will I be able to recover my files from the drive that won't boot
Hi, blue screen occurs due to damage hard disk or corrupted file system I would suggest you to change hard disk of system. To get your data back from damage hard drives just insert another new drive and install professional data recovery software. Hope this will help you!!
You don't say if your PC is a desktop or a laptop. If it's a desktop, slave the drive that won't boot to a bootable drive with Windows 8 Pro on it and follow the directions below. If it's a laptop, connect and boot from a bootable Windows 8 hard drive in an external enclosure. Once Windows is up and running, see if you can access the drive installed in your PC. There could be many reasons why your PC won't boot. It may not be because the drive is bad. If you can access the installed drive, copy your files to the external drive. Once that's done you've saved your files. Now you need to find out why your PC isn't booting. I would start by running diagnostics on your PC to see if that reveals why your system is not booting. Could be the MB is bad. Could be the memory. Could be the CPU. Could be a lot of things, not just the hard drive. Good luck and next time ALWAYS backup your files.
you can try connecting your drive with an external adapter (similar to this one to a working computer. Then you navigate to the drive and copy your data off the drive. You can also try and run a hardware diagnostics on your machine. Many have them built into the BIOS. The not being able to boot part could mean that it's a problem with the drive, with the windows software, or some other hardware problem such as overheating.
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