Dec 13, 2015

How can I find a lost router password?

I lost the password to my router and I don't have it how do I get
well if u forgot ur password u can recover it by simply connecting one of ur computer with the help of cable to router port 1, then open the browser and enter in address bar ...
username ....... (blank)
password : admin
go to wireless ...then goto wireless security ... and there is ur security WPA key ...password.. make a not of it and try to connect it...
it would work without changing any personal settings...
Best luck try it out ...................
Had you changed the default settings?
If you changed then you would have to reset the router to the default.
The easiest way, assuming that you didn't change your router password, is simply to go look at the router. There should be a sticker with the SSID (network name) and password (or "network key") on the router.
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