Dec 12, 2015

How do i retrive my backup contacts on google on a new phone?

Can i still get my contacts even thou my old phone froze upon me and couldnt transfer them over to my new phone? Need my contacts from google backup please help.
1. Log into your Gmail account and select “Contacts” from the dropdown menu on the upper left corner.

2. You will see all your contacts from there. If you can’t access to your contacts, just key in “CTRL + F5” to fresh.

3. Finally click on “More” then “Restore contacts”. Choose the date you want to restore to and click on “Restore”.

You should be able to just re-sync your Google account which would give you the option to sync your contacts. It that doesn't work, check if your Gmail contacts are still there, or needs to be restored.
In a browser open Gmail.
Click on Gmail on the top left and select Contacts, if your contacts aren't there try a restore.
To restore your contacts click More > Restore contacts... > then select the backup date and click restore.
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