Dec 11, 2015

How to teach kids to stay safe online?

I’m a parent with a son who is old enough to get online without my supervision, but I want him to be aware that there are risks online and not to engage in behavior that puts him at risk. Of course we have talked about it, but as with many things parents discuss with kids, I’m not sure how much of it got traction with him. Are there any resources that we could use that will get the message across more effectively than his “old man” nagging him about online safety?
Hi! I think that you could talk with him about the online´s treats and show current news about theft of data, social engineering in order to prouve that you are talking the true and just want help and protect him.
It depends on your son's age, but I would try some games that are oriented on teaching kids online safety. here's a link I saw that lists a few:
Also take a look on YouTube for some video explanation such as the one below. there are plenty of them and they are geared toward different age groups.
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