Dec 08, 2015

Which is the better choice for someone new to website development, Wordpress or Joomla?

We worked with Joomla even long before it was Joomla, used to be Mambo. All in all, it is quite a good and robust CMS. Then, when development of Joomla stopped a couple of years back, we switched to WordPress. I personally found Wordpress to be easier and quite modern. In the meantime though, Joomla development continued, but I would say, use WordPress becuase you are sure to achive your goals quickly and safely, and perhaps, just as a hobby, try Joomla for non-missioncritical tests etc. This will give you a better insight of Joomla and for other missions, you'll be in a much better position to choose between the two (and perhaps even other CMS). Good Luck!
Hey,according to me you must go for WordPress as it’s easy and has good speed of communication as the designers don’t have to wait for making changes,the content on your Web site and be altered immediately by you, thereby giving your Website visitors the most timely and current details possible.It is the one of the most popular blogging platforms.It has become an essential part of the internet, powering about 25% of all websites.
Hey,I will suggest you for Wordpress as it is user friendly blog system and for this reason Google supports Wordpress whereas Joomla is not user friendly as it has many extensions in it.
Wordpress is better for SEO than Joomla.
For someone learning the ropes, I'd definitely suggest Wordpress. As the earlier post by Sveta mentioned, it doesn't have the flexibility of Joomla, but the huge number of Wordpress themes and plugins make it much easier for a new dev to build a decent site and improve users' experience. To be fair, Joomla also offers extensions and templates, but not in the same numbers and variety that are available with Wordpress.
Wordpress is simpler and works well for heavy content oriented sites, such as blogs. Joomla is more robust, it offers more features and customizations. Joomla does require more technical skills to set it up, and would work well for e-commerce type and more complex sites.
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