Dec 08, 2015

What are the benefits of an enterprise server?

I have a 4 person company and am expanding next year. Is there a reason to get an enterprise server?

I bought a small RE company using windows enterprise sever 2008 with a tape drive. Should I migrate to this system and use it for my backup and server? Is the software dead and a dinosaur vs a cheap PC or cloud based alternative?
Thank you for the help! I will pursue the cloud options as you suggest. Let me know if you have any real estate questions I could help with.
Your question mixes up hardware and software a little.

Enterprise Server is a Windows Server operating system version. This version supports high availability using a technique called clustering. All this really means is that you build two or more physical servers. Install the enterprise operating system on each one and if the primary one pukes out the other one takes over seamlessly. This is typical clustering, nothing unique to Windows.

Microsoft offers business class applications through their cloud based Office 360. To take advantage of enterprise do you need to purchase and maintain two or more servers, and the supporting network. Office 360 only requires a PC that can get to the Internet which requires much less support. You will have to do the math and determine which makes economic sense. The advantage of office 360 is that there are no upfront costs for mail, productivity software and storage. You will get a monthly bill, but you don't need to pay someone to manage servers and software in house. You never have to worry about backing up or restoring data. You only have to worry if you can get to Office 360.
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