Dec 01, 2015

How to run Windows 10 without a Microsoft account?

I don’t like the idea of Windows 10 being completely integrated into my life. I already kind of do that with Google, but that’s because I use so many of their cloud based offerings as well as having an Android phone. Microsoft seems to want to tied me into their ecosystem by forcing me to connect Windows 10 to a Microsoft account. Can I use Windows 10 without doing it?
Hey Tidus, Windows 10 also offers to sign in via a local account that permits to enter into the system without touching Microsoft account. Yes, But, initially the creation of the local account is only possible while you are signing in with Microsoft Account. After that nick of time, you are hassle free and nothing is needed. However, you can read an article from the web which has written awesomely about the whole thing - . Few more tweaks are available which provide a platform for you where you can handle your machine without having signed in the Account, But these need to be aware of registry edit and inner parts of settings. So it would be a better choice to create a local account in your case.
You can use a local account by selecting not to link a Microsoft Account, similar to the Windows 8 setup. If you already linked an MS account, you can change this under Settings.
InforWorld had an article with a walkthrough on the steps to setup Windows 10 with a local account, along with other useful tips on Windows 10.
"You can add a new account in PC Settings (Start --> PC Settings --> Users and accounts --> Other users). If you're clever and know the trick when you first set up Windows 10, you can use the same approach. When the prompt comes up to enter a Microsoft Account, choose Create a New Account. Then at the bottom, click the link to Sign in without a Microsoft account (not recommended). Click Local Account -- Microsoft really wants you to link to a Microsoft account -- then fill in your Local account details and click Next, then Finish."
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