Nov 30, 2015

How to turn on Windows 10's 'Find My Device' feature?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 November update has a new “find my device” feature. How do I activate it, and what good does it do?
I have a new droid turbo 2. Is it compatible with Windows 10, and would it be a mistake to try.
As for the second part of the question ("what good does it do?"), the PC World article says: "Find My Device in Windows 10 doesn’t do a whole lot right now. There isn’t a way to have your tablet make a sound, lock itself, erase data, or anything like that. Instead, you can only find out where its last known general location was." How to activate:
Go o Start > Settings > Update & Security > Find My Device. Click the Change button and turns the toggle switch on.
PCWorld has step by step guide with screenshots
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