Nov 25, 2015

How is IBM’s SoftLayer three times faster than AWS?

I’ve seen claims that IBM’s SoftLayer cloud is 3 times as fast as Amazon Web Services. Is this true? That is a LOT faster, and if accurate, it would seem that IBM has significantly raised the bar. What is IBM doing to make their cloud faster than AWS?
I am using both Softlayer and AWS. I can say that AWS has bandwidth restrictions on their EC2s whereas at Softlayer I can decide the bandwidth I need on my Cloud Servers. Default is 100MBit whereas at AWS you get a max of 10MBit. At softlayer I can get as high as 1GBit... so here is the difference.
Softlayer is also sufficiently more expensive than AWS. For computing however I am gladly paying Softlayer. For Storage S3 is just fine.
From what I've read on it, the results are not clear cut due and in some areas Google and AWS outperforms IBM SoftLayer. I found this article an interesting read:
Here's the description of the actual test that was run and showed the X3 performance lead for IBM
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