Nov 21, 2015

How to check if my pc/notebook is being monitoring?

I have checked for BOTs and Viruses as well. When I am doing a diagnose the last logs are from a different IP addresses. So may be my question should to handle it?
if you are getting this message please scan you pc with malware bytes and remove everything. what is most likely happening is you are being re directed through a proxy. an easy way to fix this to download malware bytes is to go to control panel then internet options. from there go to the connection tab then hit
lan settings.

under there you most likely will see use automatic configuration script checked with an IP and port. remove that address and uncheck and then check automatically detect settings.

you should now not get this message. download malwarebytes and enable the free trial when it install and do a full scan. under the settings under scan settings check rootkit scanning as well then run a full scan.
if you didn't find any spyware/adware but can detect traces in some log, turn off your sharing and remote control options with in the OS. Update your OS, Java, Adobe software, uninstall apps you don't use, clean your startup items, and set a strong password. You can also reinstall the OS or restore to original to make sure any open vulnerabilities are gone. You can also setup a firewall or some monitoring utility to see if and when something is trying to get through and connect to your machine.
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