Nov 21, 2015

Should I get an Xbox One or PS4?

I love the xbox...I actually have the Xbox 360 but the problem is that now because of the NexGen think I have to buy the Xbox one but the problem is that the Xbox one is Really expensive and I can buy it because I'm an eight grader and my dad has to buy it for me .another bad thing is that if I want to play online I have to give a more gold membership $120 a year and that's not good so one good thing is that I can play my Xbox 360 games on my Xbox one but due to the price and everything I don't think I can buy it on the other thing on the other hand is about the PS four I can buy the PS four and the good thing is I not sure do I have to give money for an online membership to play games online GTA five etc. so I hope I don't but I'm not sure so I just want to ask do we have togive a yearly or monthly membership to play online games on PS four and another problem is that if I buy the PS four then I can't play my Xbox 360 games on it so I have to buy a new games like new GTA five and everything new is going to be tough so what do you guys think you should I buy the Xbox one for the PS4 ?
I'd personally go with the Xbox.
It's constantly getting updated, it has external storage support, it's running Windows 10 which means you have access to additional games and apps, you can stream to your PC, unlike the Sony camera Kinect is way more useful, Xbox Live seems better imo and you already have some backwards compatible games...
First off - you are killing me with the lack of punctuation. A single sentence should not be 15 lines long.

Moving on - There is really very little difference between the two consoles. Yes, you get some exclusives on each console, so if you like Uncharted the PS4 is better, but if you like Halo you have to go XBox One.

The XBox One does have backwards compatibility, although not for all games, and you actually have to download the game so it eats up storage space. I'd still count that as an advantage, but you already have a 360 so you have something to play those games on anyway.

I have some bad news for you though. With either console you are going to have to pay extra to play online multiplayer. PlayStation Plus membership costs $50 a year. However, XBox Gold doesn't cost $120 a year, it costs $60, so it's not as expensive as you were thinking.

In the end, the prices for the two consoles are the same (or pretty darn close), the online services cost nearly the same, and you will have access to most of the same games on both consoles. I would look at a couple factors when making the choice: 1) What console do more of your friends have? It's more fun playing online with your buddies than strangers. 2) Are there any console exclusives that are "must haves" for you? 3) How important is the backwards compatibility of the XBox One? If you plan on trading in your X360, this is a bigger deal, but if possible I suggest that you hang onto the 360 since not all games are backwards compatible at this point.

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