Nov 21, 2015

What's wrong with my router?

I have my own router and Comcast's modem/router. Their wifi has knocked out my personal wifi that I've been using for yrs. They even had a id and password for me that I never knew about. Problem is now I can't use my Dish TV to access certain programs like on demand or netflix. My own wifi id doesn't even show up on my list.
It sounds like your router is not connected anymore. You can try disconnecting the Comcast router and connecting your own. Or you can go through the router settings to make sure that nothing you need is blocked.

To get to the settings:
Find the router ip and enter it in a browser’s address bar (most common or you can find it through command prompt).
Login to the router (usually admin for both username and password).

The router internal ip address can be found by going to the command prompt (type in cmd in the run or search window).
In command prompt type in ipconfig and press Enter.
The Default Gateway will show the address you need. It should look something like this:
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