Nov 20, 2015

Why does my Belkin dual-band wireless range extender constantly drop the connection?

Set up fine, running wired to XP machine. The unit instantly recovers when the power is disconnected for a few seconds and restored. Any ideas or do I have an intermittent hardware problem ??
Thanks Sveta, I tried factory reset with no improvement. Before I try to get a replacement under warranty I am wondering if there is some local reason that would cause the extender to drop the signal. For instance if the source wifi signal dropped out momentarily would that cause a problem? Even if no device is accessing the signal the device without any discernible reason, starts flashing the orange light.
That could very well be, try power cycling you router, try wifi test/diagnostic or try running a continues ping on a site to see if the connection drops off.
You can try a reset to factory defaults
Also update firmware and drivers.
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