Nov 19, 2015

What is NFC and what is its purpose?

Like is it used in spy apps? Along with com.androidserver.telecom. and also these apps: com.secandroid app camera

Com.secandroid app.launcher
Hey,NFC is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone, to establish communication by bringing them within 10 cm of each other.It does not require any field,it has RFID(Radio Frequency identification procedure) which uses electromagnetic induction within a short span to transmit information.
NFC can work in 3 modes:
-NFC Reader/Writer.
-NFC peer-to-peer communication.
-(P2P mode) NFC card emulation.
An NFC can share and link to information such as web pages, social media and all other sorts of other information generally.
NFC is near field communication. Yes, it is used by apps, although probably not to spy on you. It is used for things like Google Wallet, so you can place your phone against a receiver (or another device) and transfer data. It has to be very close though, nearly touching, so there aren't many ways that I can think of that it could be used to spy on you.

As for the others, I don't know what all of them do off the top of my head. Some thoughts though:

I'm guessing this is an Samsung device. At least some of these are used by Samsung for TouchWiz and layered on top of stock Android (com.secandroid app camera and com.secandroid app.launcher).

The "popupuirecevier" one was likely installed with an app to deliver pop-up advertising.

Also, are you sure that it isn't (sec with a "c" and not an "x")? That would be a photo viewing app. I'm not sure what it would be if it is actually I would be suspicious that it is adware/spyware if you typed if correctly.

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