Nov 18, 2015

Should ISPs be regulated like a public utility?

I think it’s fair to say that of all businesses that most people must regularly deal with, ISPs are among the most disliked. Heck, Comcast has even been named the most hated company in America. This is because of a number of reasons, primarily poor customer service, expensive broadband service, price gouging, and lack of options in most markets. At this point, broadband service is as necessary as a telephone line from many people, and more so for some. Other necessary services, such as water, telephone and electric service are regulated as public utilities, and you never hear the level of complaints about them that you do about ISPs. Would it make sense to regulate ISPs like any other utility?
While I generally like the idea especially if it would lead to better QOS, what aspects do you propose to regulate? Just from personal experience everywhere I lived there has been a single provider company for electricity and water, while I had a couple 2-3 ISP options to choose from. Wouldn't mandating the price make competition scares, causing lower QOS, slower technological updated, and fewer provider options?
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