Nov 17, 2015

How to completely erase sensitive data from a PC?

Our office is upgrading PCs, which is great, but there is sensitive data (legal documents, customer data, etc.) stored on most of the old PCs, and we need to make sure it's completely erased before we dispose of them. What do we need to do to make sure the data is gone and can’t be recovered once the old PCs are out of our hands?
You must all your harddisks formateren.then,to be sure, take them out of your pc. Success. Gr.snowice
Or you formating your hard disk (,C,) when you have backups vertueel (drive, one drive, drop box,b.v.)you must first aerize them.success. ice
You can use DBAN to wipe the drives
If you need to insure the data is not recoverable you can wipe it with Blancco (produced by the same company). Alternatively taking out hard drives and manually destroying them works well too.
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