Nov 16, 2015

How to fix Netgear router that is not working?

I have netgear wndr3400 router and i am using it since a long time, but sudenely it has stopped working. i am trying to restart it but it still not working. is there anyhelp for me.
can be many reason and netgear routers are sensitive please contact netgear
i think reset the router and conifgure the settings
1. reset using a hard pin or paper clip.
2 .open the default settings and setup user name and password the settings and reboot computer and router . i hope this helps
If resetting you router doesn't fix the problem, you can call your ISP and they will work with you through some additional troubleshooting steps. If you received your router through your provider, they will send you a replacement if needed.
Please check are you getting internet on your modem. if your modem is working fine then you need to reboot your router. it will start working fine.
Please make sure about connections. your connections should be perfect.
now you need to reset your router and reconfigure it. it will start working fine.
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