Nov 14, 2015

How to retrieve contacts from old phone that was linked to a different email than I'm currently using?

I no longer have the old phone I'm trying to get the contacts from but I backed them up a who's ago and I i had a different email how do I get to the old backup contacts and put them on my new one or even put them with the other backup contacts

Don't have old phone and don't no how to look for the backup contacts for it using new one
Even on new phone nothing is retrieved with the same e-mail ID
It really depends what system you backed your contact up to. If I'm understanding this correctly you had a different phone with a different email address you backed up your contacts to. If that's correct, you could try accessing your old email to see if your contacts are there. From this point you can either link the old email to the new phone to retrieve your contacts or export them out of your email.
I had registered as "". when I tried with this on new phone I am not getting any data. I am asked to register with different e-mail ID and password.
Check if your gmail account contains your contacts. Access your gmail account through either the phone or a computer browser and check the contacts area.
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