Nov 13, 2015

What to look for in a Qi wireless charger?

I have an Android phone that supports wireless charging. I think this is great; it will finally get rid of the frustrating USB charger connection. Are the Qi chargers pretty much all the same, or are there features to look for when making a purchase?
In addition to the other suggestions, I'd recommend looking for a charger with multiple charging coils. This makes it much easier to just set down your phone and charge it without trying to find the "sweet spot" where it gets a strong charge. Smaller and single coil chargers can require very precise placement of your phone.
Primarily power output and how fast you phone will charge. With that check reviews on the amount of heat emitted as many the might get extremely hot. For convenience I'd look for the light/sound indicators that lets you know if your phone is charges and its progress. and lastly I would check for warranty.
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