Nov 13, 2015

Should a single data center be used for a company's internal and external needs?

What about IT Datacenter and TELECOMs Datacenter for a TELCO operator, together or not? Whats about to assume all services in Cloud for TELECOM operator? Who are in charge to attend all maintenance, IT Engineer or Telco Engineer?

Is an important goal to redefine the inside structure of a TELCO companies. In my opinion for TELCO operator, can be separate both functions for the peoples and data center. What do you think?
I've never worked for a TelCo operator, but since most switching is digital and IP based, there's little appreciable difference between Telecom and networking now anyway. Hell, new telco's are totally IP based. Rolling out a local VOIP system doesn't even make sense any more. Cloud based makes way more sense. (old school PBX doesn't really matter unless you're a developing country) The short answer is yes, as Telco and Network digital technologies continue to merge and skill-sets intersect, you'd be rather foolish to construct separate facilities. I guess if you're the FBI maybe...
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