Nov 12, 2015

Can I stop automatic upgrade in iOS?

I turned off my iPhone 6+, when I turned it back on, it said "slide to upgrade" rather than "slide to unlock". Didn't realize it, and it started to upgrade. I want to be able to control upgrading. How?
prevent iOS updates from downloading except by leaving insufficient space for it to fit.
The firmware will be downloaded automatically and there is a sign on your setting app once a new update is available. However, you can refuse to install the update. iPhone won't upgrade automatically,which is illegal in US
Thanks, but are you sure about this illegality? A quick search turned up "evergreen" clauses, that if you "agree" to, software companies can automatically upgrade whenever and however they want
iOS 9.1
iOS updates should download automatically but not install without you permission. What version did you upgrade to and from? In this case it could have been part of a problem with iOS 9 there were many people reporting being stuck at the slide to upgrade screen.
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