Nov 11, 2015

How will Microsoft’s plan to store data in Germany keep it more secure?

Microsoft is planning to use Germany as a centerpiece of its data storage infrastructure, apparently in order to keep data more secure. How will data stored in Germany be any more secure than data stored elsewhere?
It will not be more secure against hackers, it will be more secure against snooping by the US Government. Germany has much stronger privacy protection laws than the US. The US Government has claimed that it has the right to access pretty much all of your data stored in the cloud, and is currently litigating a claim that the government has the right to Microsoft's customer data stored in Ireland. Microsoft will have a stronger legal argument in Germany, where a US seizure of data would likely violate German law.

Really, in order to continue to do business in much of Europe, Microsoft had not choice but to store customer data in data centers physically located in Europe, or else they would run afoul of EU privacy/data protection laws. It remains to be seen how far the US is willing to go with its claims that it has the right to see the private data, no matter the country where the data center is physically located.

There was a good article that goes into more detail on this topic in Computerworld recently.
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