Nov 06, 2015

What does the Blackberry Priv do to improve Android security?

Blackberry just released a new Android phone, the Priv, and it’s raison d'etre is improved security over other Android devices. What does BB do differently to make its Android phone more secure than others?
Blackberry Priv is encrypted by default, DTEK by BlackBerry app monitors your privacy and security settings, Pop-up Wigets you can launch rather then general notification popups that other may see, and a more secure picture password utilizing grid machining between a picture and a randomly generated number grid that you need to line up with one another.

Here are the highlights about on Blackberry Priv security from an AndoidCentral review.
"[T]he BlackBerry Priv is certified for FIPS 140-2 Data at Rest and Data in Transit. This means there's a certified cryptographic module being used to keep data encrypted on the phone, and there's a physical tamper seal in the phone to let you know if the hardware portion has been tampered with or compromised.
... BlackBerry also claims to have hardened the linux kernel that powers the Android OS,... it would be a lot more complicated for low level exploits to happen on the Priv.
...[DTEK app] let you know when things are either potential risks or misbehaving. If you leave Developer Options on and ADB enabled, for example, DTEK will lower you security rating and tell you why. If you use a less secure lockscreen, or you aren't using a lockscreen at all, your overall security rating will drop even further."
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