Nov 01, 2011

Room for Ubuntu to succeed as an additional choice for a mobile OS?

I just read that Ubuntu plans to enter the mobile world as an OS for tablets, smartphones, TVs and smart screens. I wonder if there is a market or need for Ubuntu, or if the world has already settled into an iOS vs. Android status quo, with Windows a less common 3rd option. Will users be open to yet another choice in this arena, especially considering that Ubuntu is unlikely to be familiar to the majority of consumers?


It seem to me that it will be a difficult task to achieve significant market penetration.  You already have very large, resource rich companies involved in mobile OS, and I doubt they are going to quietly allow another competitor to come along and try to take a piece of the pie.  Apple is obviously not going to have anything to do with Ubuntu since they have their own OS, so there goes much of the high end market.  IT departments are unlikely to embrace another OS for employee use just as a practical matter.  This is not to say that there will be no adopters, especially if it is stable and easy to use, as jimlynch noted.  Tech savvy consumers that are already familiar with Ubuntu are one potential base, as are the iconoclasts out there who enjoy adopting things that are outside of the mainstream.  I would not be surprised to see a disproportionate rate of Ubuntu adoption among IT professionals, mono-skiers and Moto Guzzi motorcycle riders. :)

Hi mstrauss,

I think there's always room for another choice, provided that it is a quality option. Ubuntu should meet that requirement. Not everyone is satisfied with iOS or Android, by the way. There will always be users and companies who want to use a different platform and Ubuntu could very well mee that need nicely.

As long as Ubuntu works well and is easy to use, I suspect that there are plenty of people around the world that will give it a chance on their devices.
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