Oct 30, 2015

How to transfer text messages from iPhone to S6?

I am preparing to sell my old iPhone 5S for a new Galaxy S6. But before that, I need to copy all of the iPhone sms to S6 preferably using a program to do it automatically coz I have nearly 700+ text messages.

Would someone know how to transfer iPhone SMS to Galaxy S6 with the most quick way?


Plug in your old iPhone and Android phone with the help of USB cables. Alternatively click the "Flip" button to set your iPhone as the source and the Android phone as the destination. Select "Text messages" and click "Start Copy". Alternatively select to clear all the data of your destination phone before copying.
You can backup up SMS through iTunes and import them to your droid. There are many different apps that help you do the import. Try this guide (the bottom comment section also had a lot of other tools people used for this) http://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-migrate-sms-messages-from-an-iphone-to-an-android-device/
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