Oct 28, 2015

How I can delete TouchWiz home from my Galaxy 2?

I purchased an AAP Driod Keeper. Now I cannot open my cell screen. It looks like my screen is frozen, If anyone can help me asap. Regards
I'm also not familiar with Droid Keeper but try the common ways to unfreeze your device. Try a soft reset on the phone by holding the power button and the volume up keys together or removing the battery. I beleave that if you hold down both volume keys with the power button, it will bring you to system recovery. Last resort, do a hard reset to factory defaults. (Make sure you have a backup as all data will be wiped from the phone)
Does AAP mean an ap? I'm not familiar with Droid Keeper. You might want to check on Google Play for the devs contact info and email them with the problem.
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