Oct 28, 2015

Does browser choice impact laptop battery life?

Is there a difference in how the different browsers impact battery life? I'm wondering if simply by changing browsers I can eek out an additional 15-20 minutes of time between recharges.
Yes, which browser you use can impact batter life. I read an article recently that compared the major browsers on different Windows 10 laptops, and on all the machines when using the either Internet Explorer or the new Edge browser the battery lasted longer. Not just a little longer either, it was about an hour additional use. My browser of choice, Chrome, finished last on every test.

According to the test on Digital Citizen, the best browsers for battery live (from best to worst) are:
1. Internet Explorer
2. Edge.
3. Firefox.
4. Opera.
5. Chrome.

In the article they state that browsers were set to default settings. I'm assuming this is due to built-in plugins and the preset settings. Does anyone know the actual settings that have this effect? Can they be adjusted to maximize performance while utilizing you browser of choice?
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