Oct 31, 2011

Can I use MS Exchange Server to limit the amount of storage devoted to individuals' email at my office?

I need to limit the amount of email each person at my office is allowed to store in their mailboxes. It was unnecessary until now, but with more employees and no limit on mailbox size, it has been getting out of hand recently. We are using Exchange Server for our mail server software. How do I set storage limits for user mailboxes to keep our mailbox database a reasonable size?

Hi sspade,

Here are some instructions on how to do it for Exchange Server 2010:


You can easily configure this through the Exchange Management Console, which you access through the administrative tools of Exchange Server.   To see what your mailbox configuration is currently from the navigation panel, open up “Microsoft  Exchange On-Premises” > “Organization Configuration” > “Mailbox”.  That should bring up the list of mailbox databases, right click your database and choose properties, and the properties box will pop up.  Choose the “Limits” tab, and you can choose the storage limits in KB for your users.  You can also decide how strict you want to be when the limit is his, from a nice little warning to prohibiting the user from either sending or receiving messages until the offending mailbox size is brought back down under your limits.

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