Oct 23, 2015

What is Google’s Magic Leap project?

Google released a video showing its Magic Leap project, which it has spent millions of dollars on. It reminded me of the video of Obi-Wan that Princess Leia made in the original Star Wars, but the video doesn’t give any details. Is this a 3D projector of some sort, or is it AR?

Oh, yeah...here's the link to the video. https://youtu.be/kw0-JRa9n94
Not just a few million dollars were spent on in; about $500 million dollars has been invested by Google. It is an augmented reality device, meaning that it is something like glasses or goggles that make the images appear to be in the real world. Apparently, it is very convincing. I found an MIT Technology article about it, and in the writer's experience it was very convincing. He also described how it works:

"Magic Leap had to come up with an alternative to stereoscopic 3-D—something that doesn’t disrupt the way you normally see things. Essentially, it has developed an itty-bitty projector that shines light into your eyes—light that blends in extremely well with the light you’re receiving from the real world."
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