Oct 21, 2015

How to enter unlock code for Sprint phone?

Sprint note 2 want to flash to straight talk. I have a Sprint note 2, and i have the unlock code they gave me. i just want to know how to put it into the phone and be able to use straight talk from it.
Each phone model unlocks in a different way. Best to use a search engine, with this as a search string:

unlock [your exact Sprint Phone Model] Sprint with code howto

DO NOT insert the new SIM until you've unlocked the phone successfully according to the instructions you find, as you run the risk of bricking (making the phone inoperable).

Follow the instructions exactly. Usually (varies highly), you turn the phone completely off, then hold the power button with the Volume UP button; things vary after that. Read through any forum you see that matches the search to see if subsequent entries offer corrections or notes to consider before attempting this. Go to a franchise (not a Sprint Store) if you need help, but they may charge you for the help. Good luck!
I think that you have to put a new SIM card in the phone, then it will ask for the unlock code. You enter the code when requested, the device is unlocked, and off you go to set it up on the new network.
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