Oct 20, 2015

Any suggestions for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus?

Hello all I wanted to buy an attractive smartphone under 50,000 price limits and looking for Samsung galaxy S6 edge plus. I need to ask is the phone is worthy as per its cost. Is its entire features works well? I got information form Samsung india site.
I prefer you to buy the IPO iPhone 6s Plus because it is better at it is if efficient and does not stop working and it works really better than the Samsung on the other hand the Samsung is really slow and sometimes it stops working after some months so if you're going for brand-new phone for you to buy any iPhone you prefer your welcome
I looked at both a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (not an Edge+ though) and Nexus 6 when shopping for my last phone. I thought that the S6 was very nicely designed, had a great display with that very cool looking curved edge, and was powerful enough to run everything very smoothly. It was a very nice device at a premium price.

I ultimately went with the Nexus 6 instead for one reason: The Galaxy has Samsung's TouchWiz UI. I greatly prefer the standard Android UI, enough for TouchWiz to be a deal breaker for me. However, if you don't mind it, The S6 Edge+ is a fantastic device that is one of the finest Android phones currently available,
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