Oct 19, 2015

How will Lean Ads improve on traditional “heavy” online advertising practices?

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has announce an initiative to improve online advertising practices with the introduction of what it calls the Lean Advertising (or L.E.A.N). How will this new Lean Advertising change the online marketing environment from both advertiser and user perspectives?
"In response to user concerns about security and battery life concerns, IAB is rolling out something called L.E.A.N.—which stands for "Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive" ads. The goal is to address privacy and security by (finally) serving up encrypted ads and to reduce the size and processor-hogging power of animated and video ads. In addition, IAB wants advertisers to do a better job of not aggravating users by, for instance, making sure someone "is targeted appropriately before, but never AFTER they make a purchase."

Technical specs for the program don't yet appear to be available, and L.E.A.N. ads will still coexist with traditional, "heavy" ads. But L.E.A.N.'s goal is rebalancing the Web's basic bargain—watch ads, get free content—so that the one feels worth the other."
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