Oct 28, 2011

How can I be sure my website will work with smartphones?

I've nearly finished developing a new personal website, and while I took steps to ensure that everything worked on different browsers, it never occurred to me to take into consideration all the smartphone users that are out there. I’m still in the learning process as far as this entire process goes. How can I make sure that my site will be properly viewable on all (or at least most) of the smartphones out there?



This is something that probably wasn’t given much thought of by most web developers until fairly recently, if it makes you feel any better.  The best way would be to actually view the site on the various mobile devices, and that includes tablets and some gaming devices, not just smartphones.  Realistically, you, your friends and family are going to have some, but not all of the various devices around for you to use for a test.  There are some free online tools that you can use instead of turning everyone you know into a test mule though.  The mobiReady Page Test  http://ready.mobi/launch.jsp?locale=en_EN checks to see how well your site does according to the W3C Mobile Web Best Practices, and breaks it down as to a number of pass/fail/warnings for a number of design and development issues.  There is an Android emulator called Android SDK at http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html.  You have to download it and install it on your computer, then you can see what visitors using an Android device will see when visiting your site.

Also, keep in mind Flash doesn’t work on iPhones and iPads.  Good luck!


Hi dbrown,

What software did you use to develop your site on? There may be a mod or extension that will let you easily create a mobile version of your site for smartphones. I'd check around and see if there's something you can add to your platform to have your content load in a mobile version automatically on smartphones.

Make sure though that it has an option for smartphone users to access the full site if they want. It can really irritate smartphone users if they are stuck on a limited mobile version with no way to access the regular site.
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