Oct 16, 2015

What to do when an Asus g50v laptop will not pull up the software to do the system recovery?

Hello, I have an Asus g50v laptop. It crashed last week and being familiar with the F9 key system recovery, I did that but during the process of getting started, my laptop battery died. I let it charged and when I turned it on it automatically goes to the system recovery software but nothing loads. Its just a blue abstract screen and nothing is there. I wait patiently for it to load but after 30 mintues I can already tell its not working or something isn't corresponding. I have the recovery disk for it but when I tried to do it from there it's still the same problem. If anyone has any solutions on how to get this resolved then I would gladly appreciate it.
No its still won't load
try F8 or F10 and see if you are able to load into safe mode
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