Oct 28, 2011

Water cooling a pc?

I realize this might be an odd question, but here it goes. My brother in law suggested that my computer would work faster and crash less if I build a water cooled system for it. Is he right? I mean, come on, it's just a PC, not a server! Can over heating really impair desktop computer function, and if so, why don't manufacturers just put in bigger fans?

Hi ncharles,

Water cooling is certainly an option for those who feel they need it. Here's an interesting background article that explains it and why some people opt for it.



"Cooling hot computer components with various fluids has been in use since at least as far back as the development of Cray-2 in 1982, using Fluorinert. Through the 1990s, water cooling for home PCs slowly gained recognition amongst enthusiasts, but it started to become noticeably more prevalent after the introduction of AMD's hot-running Athlon processor in mid 2000.[citation needed] As of 2011, there are several manufacturers of water cooling components and kits, and some custom computer retailers include various setups of water cooling for their high performance systems."
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