Oct 14, 2015

Should I let my WiFi access point select the channel with the auto-channel feature or manually select a channel?

I recently got a new wireless router, and unlike my old router it has an auto-channel feature that automatically selects the WiFi channel. Before I had to manually select the best channel, which I did using an app on my tablet to measure traffic on the channels to pick the one less used. Is one method superior to the other for getting the best WiFi signal?
I just read about this and I believe that the 2 best channels to use are 6 & 11.? Like I said, I just read this and I personally wouldn't believe everything I read but I also used both settings on a provider modem and was told the same thing. Try manually changing the channel when it seems the busiest and see what happens. It does no harm to the modem but I found it gets really tedious having to change the channel on that too.
I think manual is better for selecting a less congested channel, but it requires a little more effort. Get a signal analyzer app for your smartphone first. I have an Android phone and use WiFi Analyzer, which is free on Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer

Once you install the analyzer, you can see which other channels are in use nearby. Pick one that is unused, or if that isn't possible, one with a weak signal for other traffic. You might want to check occasionally to make sure the channel is still uncongested, but I find this works better for me than relying on automatic channel selection.
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