Oct 12, 2015

How to bypass previous owner's Apple ID on iPhone 5S?

I buy this iphone 5s but I cannot get the owner to get icloud password out. What could I do about this pls…help me How can i remove previous owner's apple ID on iPhone 5s and make a new apple ID, and how to bypass previous owner's Apple ID?
I need to bypass apple id acouunt on here help me plz
does this really work
On older iOS versions, yes. Though it has since been changed, and will still user lock when it calls home.
sorry iam not goingto give any answer
instead i want to clarify a doubt that " if we follow the technique which was given by sir TECHLEPRECHAUN the device will be safe or not???
1. Power down the device. Wait for it to completely shut down.
2. Connect the USB cable to your computer and start iTunes. DO NOT plug in the iPhone/iPod yet.
3. Press and hold the home button on the iPhone/iPod. While holding it, plug the USB cable into the phone. Keep holding the home button until "Connect to iTunes" appears on the screen, or iTunes says it has detected an iPhone/iPod in recovery mode.
4. Restore the iPhone/iPod to factory, update if it asks. If you have a previously saved backup of the device in your iCloud, you can now restore from that or simply start using it as a new device.

The iPhone Activation Lock is a theft prevention step that ensures iPhones cannot be activated until the original owner has removed it from his or her account. This is to reduce the incentive for people to steal or purchase stolen iPhones, and cannot be bypassed.

The only way to do it is to contact the original owner, have them log into iCloud, and remove the device from their account under the "find my device" setting.

If the person you bought this phone from cannot or will not do this, it is likely that you have bought a stolen device and are in possession of stolen property.
What if the previous owner dont remember the id or the new password,it's happened. What a waste.
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