Oct 11, 2015

How to block intrusive ads with Microsoft Edge browser?

As far as I have been able to tell, you can’t use AdBlock with the Edge browser. Is there another way to block ads with this browser.
Yes you can Block Ads on Microsoft Edge browser too, below I have added a link where you will get the full guide to solve your problem.

Source : http://www.techexpandable.com/2015/08/block-ads-on-microsoft-edge.html
Edge allegedly runs on the same engine as Chrome, so it should be a simple matter to write an ad blocker for it. At this point, Microsoft is not allowing add-ons for Edge. It's supposed to be on its way, but no word when. Or why not now, for that matter.

Since Edge's HTML5 performance, while better than IE, still lags well behind Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and since ad blocking extensions are freely available for those, my suggestion is to slide Edge off the edge of your desktop for now and use a free alternative. ;-)
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