Oct 09, 2015

How to enable split screen view with OS X El Capitan?

How do you use the new split view feature in OS X El Capitan?
First, shut down your Mac. Then calmly place of in the nearest waste receptacle. Next go buy a Windows system with better specs and touchscreen, and use the insanely intuitive, years old feature on that.
C/net has a good walkthrough:

"...click and hold on the green fullscreen button in the upper-left corner of a window. The left half of your screen will become shaded in blue (if the left edge of the window is on the left side of your screen, which most of the time it is).

You can release your trackpad or mouse button to open the current window on the left half of your screen, or you can drag the window over to the right half of the screen, which will then become shaded in blue to open the app on the right half of the screen.

The other open, non-minimized apps that are compatible with Split View will show up on the other half of the screen as thumbnails; click on one of the thumbnails to open another app on the other half of Split View."
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