Oct 07, 2015

Why is my D-link router not working?

I have a D-link router that is not working, and at the same connection, have a Belkin router which is working. Can anyone help?
Sometimes it happens due to ip address misplace from one device overlap to another device for getting router work you have to get help n follow these steps http://goo.gl/CtHS65
1. reset the d-link router
2. open the setup page and configure password
3. type SSID and save settings , make sure you restart all devices . it should work . thanks
you can go step by step -

1. restart the router and restart the modem and computer
2. unplug the cable and plug it back
3. check the modem lights and open the router page
4.make sure you have all settings fine and update the firmware
now restart the system again and i hope this may solve the issue ..thanks
Turn the computers, router, modem off. After about one minute turn on the modem, router, computers waiting one minute between each. Both your laptop and PC should connect to the internet.
If not, reset the router. The reset button for the router is located in a small hole in the case of the router. Using a tooth pick press the button and hold for ten seconds.
Note resetting the router will return it to it's Out of the Box state. You will need to reconfigure the admin password, and any settings you have made to the router.
Reboot your PC's and connect to the internet. i hope this will help you ..thanks
restart the connection
unplug the cables and plug them back
check for any antivirus program is not blocking connection
make sure the colour code of router
and open router page and reset the settings to default.
i think this would help
check the light connections and make sure you get the internet light on . i think you should restart the router and modem that may solve your problem . thanks
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