Oct 27, 2011

Is "big data" just duplicating existing data warehousing and analytics initiatives?

The departure of the head of our IT dept had generated much discussion about the office about bringing in someone with “big data” experience as a replacement and using the opportunity to upgrade the company’s existing data warehousing and business analytics initiatives. Since we already have our DW/BI in place, doesn’t big data just duplicate what we are already doing and result in time and resources being dedicated to essentially reinvent the wheel?

Hi Zeeman,

I don't think it hurts to have someone with big data experience on staff. That could be a useful advantage for you, depending on the person and your needs.

It's hard to say if big data would prove useful to you though. Is your existing infrastructure meeting your needs? Will it in the future? I think you have to step back and look at where you are right now and where you think you'll be in the future.

You might very well be able to get along just fine as is. If that's the case, great. No problem. But if you think that your needs will change over time then it makes sense to start thinking about big data solutions now.
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