Oct 04, 2015

How to see wifi password on Android phone?

hi, I forgot my wifi password, I want to connect my ps4 but I did'nt remember it,

I tried to see what password is by using this method:


I made exactly the same, but when I open this file in the part where I can see the password it show me this:

psk: e2 49 93 0e d8 ec 40 01 90 3f f1 86 07 0d 4f e2

any help?

I know how to see password with my computer but the mine it's broke so the only option that I have to know my wifi password is this

I need to know what e2 49 93 0e d8 ec 40 01 90 3f f1 86 07 0d 4f e2 means

I think it is hexagesimal, but not is hexa....
Please I want to see my wifi password
First off, unless you reset the password you can usually find it on the back of the router.

Try this walkthrough to get it from your phone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1-WznNNwtQ .
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