Oct 01, 2015

What’s the difference between UTM and Next Generation Firewalls?

I was reading a recent question about UTM (Unified Threat Management), and I don’t really see the distinction between UTM and Next Generation Firewalls. Are these really just two different terms for the same thing?
Conventionally Unified Threat Management adds multi level layer of protection PS, AV, web filtering, Anti-spam and so on. There are some new features that have been incorporated to manage applications and also generate rules in line with the users and the applications
Next-Generation Firewall is an coherent network programme that integrates a conventional firewall along with other filtering functionalities of network devices such as an intrusion prevention system(IPS), an application firewall, deep packet inspection(DPI), and/or other techniques such as SSL interception, website filtering, antivirus inspection and some third-party integration.
next-generation firewalls are typically defined as firewalls enhanced with intrusion prevention and application intelligence. On the other hand, UTM systems include those features—plus additional technologies such as email security, URL filtering, wireless security, web application firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs). In this view, UTM systems include NGFWs as components
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