Oct 01, 2015

How to use USB music player on PS4 after 3.0 update?

I like to use the USB app to listen to my music while playing games on my PS4. After the update, the USB player has disappeared. How do I stream music off of a flash drive after the 3.0 system update?
Yeah, this was one of the changes with the 3.0 System Update that wasn't very popular in beta testing. You can still play music while gaming BUT you have to use the media player app instead now. The problem, and I assume you have experienced this, is that if you are listening to music off of a USB drive now while playing a game, you have to stop the game to change tracks.

You can start the media player app before you start your game, then use the PS button to bring up the application menu and use R1 to go to the next track and hit X to play it. The problem is that you can't search for a particular track in this way.

Yeah you are absolutely right it's just take longer with the pressing R1 thing it's simple man we just need that USB Player back separate from the media player it was like that before they should of kept it that away now they have made a lot of people angry and upset, so what they need to simply do is to update the USB Player APP back into the PS4 this month in October a lot of people would be happy.
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