Sep 28, 2015

How to fix network issue with roaming profiles?

I help administer a school with several users where the students and most of our staff use roaming profiles. This helps a lot without requiring our students to have assigned seating in the computer labs or when using one of the laptops. Every so often we have one of the "classic problems" with this design where the profile either 1.) begins the login process then immediately logs out 2.) loads a temporary profile.

Usually, deleting the profile from the server and a local machine (so there's a clean slate during the logon process) works, but not always. Currently, we just create second profiles to work around the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, what could be causing the problem and is there a relatively simple way to fix it?

Easy fix is kind of a relative term, I'd say! So typically in such an environment, profile data, meaning "My Documents," "My Pictures,"etc, are also store off a local machine with folder redirection. On a basic level, this is how I fix these issues:

a - Copy all the data from WITHIN THE VARIOUS DATA FOLDERS (i.e. do NOT copy the whole directory) as the .INI files from the existing folders cause issues.
b - Do as you've done in the past - delete the roaming profile AND THE LOCAL PROFILE on the machine you use to logon the user. Basically, profile data and other info are likely directed by group policy and created (or recreated) on logon when a user's directory does not exist. Both need to be clean for the profile to reconstruct properly.
c - Disable offline file caching on the machine you are using to re-create the profile at logon. Old .INI files can find their way back to the system, as well as non-existent files, which will hinder the process.
d - When all pieces of the profile are gone, log into the machine with the problematic user.
e - This will create a new directories for the user provided everything in group policy is correctly notated. Now move all the data back into the newly created folders.
f - Turn on offline file caching for the local machine again.

Basically, this is a problem that stems from offline file caching, otherwise these issues do not usually occur.
It's a very common problem with roaming profiles and as far as I know there's no once fit all fix. You might want to check for the common causes as a preventative measures such as low disc space on machines, services such as av scans running while person is trying to login, along with that check out the link for other common reasons
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