Sep 26, 2015

How to stop my Chromebook from going into sleep mode?

I often work from home and use a Chromebook. Since I’m in a safe environment with ready access to charging, I’d like to change the power settings to stop, or at least delay, it from going into sleep mode. Is there a way to do this?
You need to go to settings and click on power settings. now you can turn off the sleep mode. it will start working fine.
Chromebook has no default settings to change or disable sleep mode. You can install a chrome plugin such as Keep Awake. Laptopmag has a good walkthrough:
Download link:

Alternatively you can manually overwrite the setting:
1. Login with the admin user.
2. Open a terminal by hiting CTRL+ALT+T
3. Type the following
1. shell (to drop into a standard bash shell)
2. sudo stop powerm – to disable sleep when lid is closed. You could go with the longer version of: sudo initctl stop powerm but there is no reason to type more…
3. sudo stop powerd – to disable all other power management features.
4. Now logout from the menu – But do not restart!
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