Sep 24, 2015

How to access Google Drive files when offline?

I know that Drive is cloud based, but isn’t there a way to access and edit files when offline too? How do I set this up?
You could find the answer on Google's support page:
You'll need to use Google Chrome and turn on offline sync.
Here's the walkthrough from Google, on the site they have a short video walkthrough and directions for Android and iOS.
Google Drive
1.On a Chrome browser, go to
2.In the top right, click the Settings icon
3.Choose Settings.
4.Check the box next to "Sync Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings files to this computer so that you can edit offline." To disable offline access, uncheck the box.

Doc, Sheets, and Slides homescreens
1.On a Chrome browser, open the Docs, Sheets, or Slides homescreen.
2.On the left, click the Menu icon .
3.Choose Settings.
4.Click Turn on. To disable offline access, click Turn off.

Your files and folders will automatically be synced so that they'll be available without an Internet connection.
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