Sep 22, 2015

What’s a good alternative to the stock Android camera app?

I really like Android Lollipop for the most part, with one exception - the camera app. Is there a good alternative that gives the user greater control over his photography (ISO, white balance, shutter speed, etc.)?
Take a look at the phonearena article, it shows the user interface and features on 4 popular photo apps: Manual Camera,Camera FV-5, A Better Camera, and Open Camera.
Proshot ($4) is pretty good. It's better at capturing moving images that Google Camera, but then again that's Google Camera's weakest area in my opinion. Proshot has a nice UI and programmable modes.

Manual Camera ($2.99) is also good. Less intuitive than ProShot, but allows you to adjust almost everything manually, natch. It allows you to control all of the settings you mentioned (ISO, white balance, etc.).
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